The Waves of Memories Summer Creates...

As summer comes and goes many people find themselves at the edge of the beach toes in the sand watching the waves crash in , at least more then once throughout these summer months.I have realized while doing this that many emotions and occurrences happen while at this beautiful place. The children running and playing, visiting the beach for their very first time. The runners enjoying their morning jog along the water line, the elderly couples walking the beach edge hand in hand as they have many times year after year together, and the new couples watching them longing to be them in their later years.

As I people watch, which I do all too well I come to the conclusion that the beach is somewhere that MANY and I mean many memories are made. Yet a lot of them go uncaptured to soon be forgotten in the mix of all the other days in our mind.  How wonderful would it be for that mother to have the moment of her child's first time in the ocean , or for the elderly couple to have had pictures 20 years ago and then the same today to reflect in the beauty of the lives they shared together . Or even for the new young couple to bask in the glory of new love, all of the lust and lovey dovey eyes and feelings that come with it.

In the past few months I have had a few sessions at the beach and they all gave me the same feeling. Timelessness. No matter if I looked at the photo in a week or 5 years it expressed such love and joy and such serenity that the memory of that moment was forever brought to the forefront of your mind just by looking at the photograph.

Brii Cher'ri Photography is offering beach sessions and limited beach minis this month and every session so far has melted my heart and made me thing everyone really needs these done , the beach has that way of taking all the stress an clutter away from you and putting the beauty and peacefulness back into it and when captured on camera it is nothing less then perfection.

Below are just some examples and I am absolutely in love with them all.