As a photographer, a wedding photographer in particular, I find myself at many fully emotional events. Most of those of course being weddings.
All of these weddings differ within feelings, emotions, and the display of such affection varies as does each couple. But one thing that is always a constant in the weddings I have shot is love. Pure love and in my years of shooting these beautiful occurrences I still find myself tearing up sometime in each one I shoot. Luckily I have a camera to block my weeping eyes right?

There's always the question why I chose this profession and truth is it kind of chose me but that is a story for a different day, this profession has taught me so much about life, relationships and most of all love. After each wedding, I come home and I know I love my husband more each and every time. Getting to see others welcome that feeling of security and the amazing feeling of love into their lives is always life changing and I see it all year round and the feelings that come from it haven't changed since I started Brii Cher'ri Photography in 2011.

Yesterday, once again I shot a stunning and beautifully emotional wedding that just made my heart melt. My husband is my assistant at every wedding he is able to be away from work and I truly don't know what I would do without him there!
Anyways , when leaving the wedding we filled up a cute little goodie bag of candies from the amazing candy bar the bride & groom had for their guests and made our way to have coffee together after . We absolutely love coffee!

We decided to have dinner in the park, something we have never done together in the 5 years we have spent together, not once. We picked up subs and grabbed our books, and made our way to the park. The sounds of kids running and playing surrounded us, boats going by in the river, laying out our blanket we simply talked, ate, sat & listened and read while enjoying the night together. When it became dark we acted like teenagers once again kissing in the grass laughing our butts off. After all of these years he still has the ability to make my heart race and my walls crumble, as the first dance song at the earlier wedding had reminded me.
Going home we pulled out our goodie bag, reminding us of the lovely couple we spent the day with & we dumped the contents in between the two of us, we made funny faces, laughed and joked our way through half way through that goodie bag til our tummy's couldn't take anymore. Through the kisses, laughs, flinging of candy necklaces at one another and full tummies we had an amazing fun night that was all due to the bliss of love of the wedding before hand.

My profession has a way of keeping me young, not that I'm old in any way but each new day, new person and new love is refreshing and eye opening. Not all of us are as lucky to find such amazing love and happiness so I'm more then happy to have a job that embraces and displays it.

So thank you to my brides and grooms as you keep our love young and always give us a perfect reminder of how amazing true love really is ♡


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